Saturday, January 5, 2019

2019 Bullet Journal Setup | January 2019

Here is a look at my January setup in my bullet journal.  

Here the the cover page for January.  I wanted the theme be blue and snowflakes, which I do throughout the whole spread.

Here is what I'll do for the weekly spreads.  I like to plan out my dinner menus for the week, so I though this would be a good place to put it.  For each day, Ill put any events, what books I'm reading and how many pages I read that day and also what blog posts I posted that day.  I think this will help me stay organized.

This spread will by my TBR for the month and my most anticipated/interested in for the month.

This spread will have any books I buy for the month and also the readathon that I will participate for the month.

This spread I copied for Booksandlala, I'll make a stack of books that I read for the month and I'll color them in as I go.  The other page is a daily tracker of the pages I read throughout the month.

This spread will be all the books I read for the month and their star rating.

Do you have a bullet journal?  What all do you track?  Anything else I should track?  Let me know in the comments!

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