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Worth Fighting For by Charity West

Worth Fighting For
Charity West
Published October 17th 2016 by Coastal Escape Publishing
Genres:  Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary


High School senior Lily Rhodes has been in love with her brother’s best friend nearly all her life. When nineteen year old Jake joins the Marines and is shipped overseas, she worries she’ll never see him again, and wishes she’d been braver before he left. Lily vows that if Jake comes home, she’ll tell him how she feels. But when Jake is injured by an IED and is discharged from the Marines, he comes home changed, bitter and broken. Despite the fact he's loved Lily for the past three years, he no longer feels worthy of someone like her. Not one to back down from a challenge, Lily knows the best things in life are worth fighting for.

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My Thoughts

First of all, this cover is awful.  I would never buy a book with this cover, even if it is good.  But anyways, to the review!  This book definitely had potential, it was only 173 pages so I felt like it wasn't long enough and too much stuff happened in a short amount of time.

The main character Lily, went through a crap ton of tough times in less than a week's time.  It felt like that anyway.  But the love of her life, AKA her older brother's best friend, Jake, was in the Marines and got hit by an IED and was sent home on honorable discharge.  

When he gets home their relationship flew, it was like they found out that one another liked each other, then BAM they were in a relationship and then a week later they moved in together.  I mean I get they have liked each other for years, but still a nice slow gradual romance would of been fine.  

I really liked the premise of the book and I like the military aspect of it, as well.  So, I mean it wasn't a bad book by no means, but a little too rushed.

I received a copy from YA Bound Book Tours in exchange for a honest review.  


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