Friday, January 6, 2017

The Fireproof Girl by Loretta Lost

The Fireproof Girl (Sophie Shields #1)
Loretta Lost
Published October 3rd 2016 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Genres:  Adult, Mystery, Thriller


She can run, but she can never escape her past...

Sophie was abandoned at birth and grew up neglected and abused. Her only friends were computers, until she met Cole Hunter. He became her everything: brother, protector, and partner in crime.

She believed that nothing could ever tear them apart. Until it did.

Years later, when news of Cole's murder reaches Sophie, she completely snaps. She will tear down heaven and earth to find his killer, even enlisting the help of her ex-military ex-boyfriend.

But the more she gets involved with the investigation, the more she puts herself at risk...


When Cole was nine years old, he watched his whole family burn to death in a house fire. He became obsessed with architecture, and rebuilding his life.

Sophie became his secret weapon. Protecting her was his purpose. But Sophie was damaged right from the start, and it was easy to scare her away.

He always feared that he wouldn't be able to protect her from her enemies, or from herself...

My Thoughts

Sophie finds out that her foster brother, Cole was murdered. Sophie goes back to California to find out what happened to Cole.  Her and her boyfriend Zach live in DC, where she works for the CIA.  But Sophie has a lot of secrets that she has never told Zach, such as her name isn't Sophie and shes married to Cole.

This book goes back and forth between present day and years later when Sophie and Cole were younger living in their foster parents house.  Sophie was physically and sexually abused by two different foster fathers.  And Cole's parents died in a fire, when he was younger.

This book was crazy and f-ed up and definitely keep me on my toes.  I really liked Sophie and Cole's relationship as weird as that is, since they are foster siblings.  I mean technically they are not brother and sister, but it is still not the norm.  Anyways, Cole's love for Sophie is breathtaking, he truly loves and cares for her.  

There were a couple of parts in the book I just wish I had more the details about Cole's murder.  How did it happened, by who and why?  It didn't give any information on that.  

Overall, I enjoyed this book and I recommend it, if you are into mystery and thrillers.

I received a copy from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.  


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