Friday, March 9, 2018

Mini Reviews | The Raven Boys, Wonder, This Mortal Coil

This book is about a girl named Blue and she is from a long family line of psychics, but Blue does not have any powers unlike her family.  She is told if she kisses her true love it will kill him.  Blue joins her aunt in their annual visit to the ley line in Henrietta and for the first time ever, she sees and interacts with a spirit, but since she sees this spirit within a year the spirit will die.  This person she sees is Gansey and he attends a prep school near her.  Blue gets involved with the Raven Boys, which is Gansey, Adam, Noah and Ronan and helps them with finding the ley lines, which are invisible energy likes that connect spiritual places.  

This book is very odd, but I really liked it at the same time.  I really liked the mystery behind finding out about the ley lines.  I can't wait to read the next book in the series to find out more about Blue and the Raven Boys.  I recommend this books if you are into paranormal aspects and like a strange and adventurous ride.  

This book is about August or Auggie who has a facial deformity and he goes to middle school for the first time.  Previously Auggie was homeschooled because he had multiple surgeries each year on his face.  Even before he went to school, out in public people would stare and talk about him.  So when he started 5th grade he was nervous and excited all at once.  Auggie meets some great friends and he also has to deal with bullies and being an outsider at times.  I feel like this book is very inspiring and a must read!

Our main character Catarina is a program hacker.  Her father and his assistant Dax are taken by a company called Cartaxus to help create a vaccine for a virus that is taking over.  When you catch the virus you turn into kinda like a zombie and then after a while your whole body detonates.  There are compounds provided by Cartaxus to keep you safe from the virus, but Catarina's dad never trusted Cartaxus and told Catarina to never go to one.  After her father dies in a explosion, a Cartaxus solider, Cole finds Catarina.  She must encrypt the code of the vaccine that her father created, so she can save humankind from the virus.

I had a few issues with this book, first of all the last third was soooo boring.  It was a struggle to get through it!!  Also the love triangle is quite strange, she was in love with Dax before he was taken by Cartaxus and then she started liking Cole.  I think Cole and her had potential but then Dax randomly showed up again.......unnecessary!  There were a couple plot twist towards the end, but honestly by the end I was over the book and wanted it to end.  However, I did like the DNA and science aspect to this book, at times it did become a little dry.

Have you read any of these books?  If so, what where your thoughts.  Let me know in the comments!

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