Monday, January 15, 2018

Most Disappointing Books of 2017 | End of Year Series

There were a few books that I was really looking forward to reading and they did not meet my expectations.  There were also some books that I did not like at all!!  Here is a list of 5 books that were disappointing that I read in 2017.

The Sun is also a Star | Nicola Yoon - This has a huge troupe in it that I absolutely hate in YA books, which is insta love.  This book takes place in a span of one day and these two characters randomly meet each other and they fall in love.  IN ONE DAY!!  That is soo not realistic at all.  They even told each other that they loved one another.  The plot was interesting besides the insta love, a girl and her family are about to be deported and she is trying everything in her power to stay in the US.  That part was really interesting, but then add in a insta love and that just killed the book for me.  

The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett | Chelsea Sedoti - The major problem I had in this book was the supernatural element in it.  The whole point of this book was to try and figure out what happened to Lizzie Lovett, because she disappears.  The main character that was interested in finding out how she disappears thought she became a werewolf.  WTF, seriously NO NO NO that would not happen.  It would be different if this book was a paranormal book but it is a contemporary book.  Also the main character didn't give a shit about Lizzie Lovett, she hated her, so why are you trying to find her!  Hated it!

Into the Water | Paula Hawkins - This book takes place in a town where there's a drowning pool, basically a place where woman and girls go to end their lives.  The major problem is this book is that there are way too many characters to follow and they are all connected in some way.  This was a book where you had to write down all the characters to keep track of everyone.  In my opinion, way too much work for a mediocre book.  

All the Missing Girls | Megan Miranda - This book was a bit confusing, because it was told in reverse. Although, the book did keep me interested until the end and there were some good twists in the plot. So, I did enjoy that aspect of the book. But, overall I really didn't connect with the characters. At times, I was struggling to get through this book. For me, I want a thriller to be super suspenseful and at the edge of my seat and unfortunately this book did not do that me.

Without Merit | Colleen Hoover - First of all, this is not a Colleen Hoover book that will tear your heart out stomp on it.  I seriously have cried in every single Colleen Hoover book, but this one WTF!!  The family lives in a church and they are not religious at all.  The parents are divorced and they all live under the same roof AND AND the new wife lives there too.  Okay well that's weird!  The mother had cancer and the nurse that was taking care of her is the one that is married to the father now.  That is just messed up!!  I did not care for the main character at all, she was very unlikable.  The other annoying thing about this book was all the weird ass names, Merit, Honor, Luck and there were a few more.  It's okay to have a main character with a different name to make the character stand out more, but when the whole book has characters with weird names NO that just goes too far.  

There you have it my most disappointing books of 2017.  Did you read any of these books?  Did you have the same or opposite opinion?  Let me know in the comments!

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