Monday, November 13, 2017

October Wrap-Up

Check out what I read in October!!

TBR Check-In

So I read 5 of the books that I needed to read.  I am half way done with Haven, so I will definitely finish that in November.  For the other two I just couldn't get into them at all.  So I think I did pretty good with my TBR in October.

Monthly Stats

Books Read:  9
Pages Read:  2,888

5 Physical Books
4 E-book


8 Female Authors
1 Male Author

8 Young Adult
1 Adult

3 Contemporary
2 Thriller
2 Horror
1 Paranormal
1 Dystopia

Books I Read

This story had a lot of aspects of Romeo and Juliet, were their families are feuding but they try everything to be together despite their families.  I liked this book, it was a great mix of family and romance.  The relationship was pretty predictable, but it was still cute.  A lot of romance books usually only have a relationship and really no dept to the story, but this book had a great plot and great romance!  I recommend this book, it's a light fun summery read.

Hex Hall (Hex Hall #1) - Rachel Hawkins
I liked all the different supernatural elements in this book. I liked how witches, vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters and faeries were all incorporated into this book. I liked that they all went to a boarding school together, definitely makes it a very interesting school.  I really enjoyed the ending, it was really good twist to the whole story. I am curious to find out what will happen with the main character in the rest of the series.

The Innocence Treatment - Ari Goelman
I enjoyed the format of this book which is told in journal entries, and therapy session transcripts, which was really intriguing.  The overall story was interesting, the main character Lauren has brain surgery to correct her from being naive.  After her surgery she finds out the real meaning of the why she had to have the surgery.  I loved the story between her and her sister, it was really touching.  The love between two sisters is never broken. 

Ultimate Sacrifice - S.E. Green
This is a great book to read in October, if you are looking for a Horror/Thriller.  This book will blow your mind.  The twists in the plot are done exceptionally well and when you read the ending and your like WTF you know you read a great thriller.  I also liked the family drama that is played out in this book!  

This book read a lot like a movie and it was done really well.  The main character Ivy and six other teenagers win a contest and are invited to meet a famous director of a horror film.  When they arrive they stay in a creepy house, the following day they go to a abandoned amusement park and that's where the shit gets crazy.  At the amusement park they all must ride a ride with their greatest fear, and not everyone comes out alive.  The ending had a pretty good cliff hanger and I'm eager to read the next book.

Asylum (Asylum #1) -  Madeleine Roux
The main character Dan goes to a five week college prep program, but when Dan arrives at the college they all stay in an old asylum that has been renovated for dorms.  Staying in an old asylum would freak me out!!  Dan and his friends discover a part of the asylum that is closed off from the other students.  They start discovering odd and interesting things about the asylum.  I really like the ending and I will be continuing on in the series.

One of Us is Lying  - Karen M. McManus
This book starts off with five students in detention together and one of the students has an allergic reaction and dies.  They believe he was murdered and they police look into all the students that were in detention together that day.  So this is a thriller/mystery trying to figure out who murdered the guy.  I did not expect that ending at all!  I really enjoyed this thriller!!

A Messy, Beautiful Life - Sara Jade Alan 
Wow, this book was soo touching and beautiful! I laughed and cried through this book and it takes a lot for me to tear up and cry in a book. Ellie is a strong girl, when she found out she had cancer she took a day and cried it out and moved on from it and excepted it. I think the best part of her journey through it all was her support system, her mom and friends were everything! Her dad later on jumped on board, but it took him awhile to understand that Ellie needed him. Ellie and Jason's relationship was perfect, the right about a romance and the perfect amount of love. There relationship was beautiful, Jason went through the same thing with his mom and he knew exactly how to support Ellie. He was there from day one and never wanted to leave her side. What made me cry even more was when I read the author notes at the end and read that the author also had the same kind of cancer. I think it was beautiful that she took what she had and wrote it out on paper into a very touching story.  I freaking loved this book one of my favorites of the month!

Carry Me Home - Jessica Therrien
I absolutely loved this book! The writing was amazing and the story was phenomenal. How could you not love Lucy, Ruth and their mom. I was rooting for Lucy the whole time, to get her shit together. Lucy went through some hard hard times and she went to the low of all lows with drugs, but she seemed to pull it together. I think having her almost die and then having her sister there helped her through it. Even though Lucy and Ruth weren't super close sisters, they still deep down loved each other. I really felt bad for their mom, Lucy was soo mean to her. Then that ending, how heartbreaking!! When I realized after I read this book that it was inspired by a true story, I loved this story even more. I'm so glad Jessica wrote this book to let teens know what drugs and gangs can do to you and your family!  I highly recommend this book!!  This book was also another one of my favorites for the month.

I think I read some really amazing books this month, A Messy, Beautiful Life and Carry Me Home were phenomenal reads of the month.  I am also glad I got some horror reads in, since it was the month of October.  I feel like I had a great reading month.  I participated in Spookathon and that was really fun and I read three books during that week.  I hope I have another good reading month in November.  

Let me know in the comments what you read and enjoyed in October. 

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