Saturday, December 31, 2016

Alex + Ada, Vol. 1 by Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn

Alex + Ada, Vol. 1
Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn
Published July 16th 2014 by Image Comics
Genres:  Graphic Novel, Adult, Science Fiction, Romance


The last thing in the world Alex wanted was an X5, the latest in realistic androids. But after Ada is dropped into his life, he discovers she is more than just a robot.

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My Thoughts

Alex feels like there is something missing from his life, so his grandma gets him an X5 android.  When he gets home one day after work the box with the android inside is sitting in his living room.  He turned her on and realized he did not want her.  And when he tries to return her, he feels guilty and ends up keeping her.  

Alex gets frustrated because his android he names Ada, doesn't do anything unless he teaches her.  So she just stands all day doing nothing waiting on Alex to tell her what to do.  Alex joins a forum where they can make Ada into more of a human, where she has emotions.

This was my first graphic novel and I really enjoyed this one!!  I love the futurist aspect of this comic.  Because I believe one day we will be living with robots.  I really love how Alex has real emotions towards Ada.  I can't wait to find out what happens between them!!  


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